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President's Message

January 2014

Tom Spellman
Tom Spellman

As we begin the New Year, the Citrus Label Society is initiating several changes. As mentioned in the October issue of The Citrus Peal, the membership dues received are no longer able to support the publishing and postage of our newsletter. Due to this unfortunate fact and to keep up with the new "E-era" of publishing, the Citrus Label Society will now become a web-based organization. We will continue to print and mail out a quarterly President's Message, along with website updates and articles, to the few long time members who do not have web access. All others will be emailed a monthly meeting update and the quarterly President's Message.

Even though we did not require any membership dues for the calendar year 2014, many of you still chose to send a donation. Thank you. Due to your financial support, we will be able to continue into 2014 in the black. Although expenses have been dramatically reduced, we still have to pay for some meeting locations, web-related expenses, and some printing and postage.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a huge "THANK YOU" to John Bowen, our retiring webmaster, and another huge "THANK YOU" to Jim Campos, our retiring Citrus Peal editor. Both John and Jim have done incredible jobs and we could not have been successful without either of them. Thanks for the years of tireless service and a job well done!

Over the next year our website www.citruslabelsociety.com will be evolving, but as everyone knows, evolution takes cutting edge effort, dedication, research, experimentation, and countless hours of input. Please welcome our new webmaster Daralee Ota and website editor Gordon McClelland. I am personally very excited with this new team and look forward to the new era.

Our December meeting in Riverside was a terrific time. Members John and Karen Medley of Oracle, Arizona gave a high quality, Power Point presentation and lecture on the citrus marketers, brands, and labels of the Arizona citrus industry. John is a true historian of the Arizona citrus industry. His knowledge and enthusiasm were truly evident and well received. John currently has in his collection about 90 percent of the known Arizona brands, marketers, and labels. John's Arizona collection really gained substance in 1989 when he was able to purchase the Arizona portion of the late Ray Soper collection. John and Karen are great examples of specialized collecting within our hobby. Thank you very much, John and Karen.

Have you been to the Citrus Roots - Preserving Citrus Heritage Foundation website lately, www.citrusroots.com? Citrus Roots board member Tom Pulley has recently posted a listing of 8,000 citrus brands listed by marketing organization. This effort has taken Tom countless hours of research and years to piece together. What an incredible effort by Tom and such a valuable research tool! So far, I've spent about an hour looking at Tom's work. That short period of time made me realize how much I still need to look for!

Richard Barker has been scouring every available archive he can find for packinghouse and citrus related photos. It's an amazing work-in-progress, and he's already manage to post several hundred packinghouse photos on the Citrus Roots website. If you have information about a citrus brand not represented or packinghouse photos that you would like to contribute please contact Tom at bpulley@prodigy.net or Richard at volo999@att.net.

Our meeting for Saturday, January 18, 2014 is scheduled to be held at the Sunkist headquarters in Sherman Oaks, California. It is always well attended and seems to be one of the favorites. I'll also be hosting our Citrus Fruit display and tasting; bringing over 30 varieties of fresh tree ripe citrus fruit for your viewing and tasting pleasure. There will be a display from 10:00 a.m. to noon, and tasting from noon to 1:00 p.m. Where else can you try 30 plus varieties of fresh citrus fruit and get a month's supply of vitamin C in an hour? Some of the fruit types will include Sweet Orange, Sour Orange, Mandarin, Lemon, Lime, Citron, Grapefruit, Pummelo, Tangelo, Tangor, Kumquat, Limequat, Mandarinquat, and other citrus hybrids.

Also, please note that the new owners of the Sunkist building have recently informed us that they will be starting to re-model the building this spring. The cafeteria room we have been using as a meeting location (for almost 30 years) will be converted to rentable office space. We will list the Sunkist location as a tentative meeting location for our April meeting and beyond. However, be sure to check the website calendar before attending any meeting to confirm the most recent location update. We have surely appreciated the fine hospitality that Sunkist has extended us for decades.

Another change for 2014 will be the meeting location for our Fullerton evening meetings. Last year we met at the Fullerton Public Library. However the Library has raised their price considerably and we will no longer meet there. We have reserved a meeting room across the street at the Fullerton Community Center. The new meeting address for February, May, August, and November 2014 is 340 West Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, California.

If you have an idea for a meeting location in Pasadena, San Fernando Valley or even Ventura County, please let us know as soon as possible. We could even try several locations through the year to find one that fits our needs and budget.

Lastly, please view the website often for current updates and articles. Should you wish to contact me directly, please feel free to email me at trspellman@prodigy.net or call me at (909) 931-2458.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2014. Happy collecting and hunting; you never know where that next great label will come from.

- Tom Spellman

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